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International Federation of Hard Of Hearing Young People

IFHOHYP is an international non-governmental federation for national and regional youth organizations that are dedicated to hard of hearing young people throughout the world and is independent of sex, race, religion, nationality and politics. IFHOHYP was founded in 1968 under the name "International Committee of Hard of Hearing Young People." Later, the committee was changed to a federation.

Website: www.ifhohyp.org


Karina Chupina ( Russia/Germany ) Coppistrasse 14 Berlin 10365, Germany

E-mail: president @ ifhohyp.org


Maggie Plattner

E-mail: vice-president @ ifhohyp.org


Astrid Fejro

E-mail: secretary @ ifhohyp.org


Anna Vita Ross

E-mail: treasurer @ ifhohyp.org

Board Member

Nomy Bitman

E-mail: boardmember @ ifhohyp.org


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