Purpose of IFHOH

International Federation of Hard of Hearing People

Has charitable and benevolent aims and is a non-political and non-sectarian organization.

Who does it help?

Hard of hearing people of all ages and their families, including (together with the International Federation of Hard of Hearing Young People - IFHOHYP) young people.

  • Deafened adults.
  • People who suffer from tinnitus or ménières disease.
  • People who have a cochlear implant.

What does it do?

  • provides a platform for co-operation and exchange of information between hard of hearing organisations.
  • promotes greater understanding amongst hard of hearing people throughout the world.
  • encourages, supports and takes part in the investigation and research into hearing problems, and fosters solutions to those problems.
  • stimulates the search for solutions to communication, education, employment and other problems facing hard of hearing people in daily life.
  • co-operates with international organisations and national governments on matters of concern to hard of hearing people and their organisations.
  • promotes a positive attitude in hard of hearing people towards themselves and towards their role in society.
  • promotes understanding and a positive attitude by society towards hard of hearing people.


IFHOH now has 45 general and associate members in 29 countries.

General Membership

General members are non-commercial, national organisations of and for hard of hearing and deafened people. General members have voting rights at general meetings.

Associate Membership

Associate members are grouped in three categories according to their status. The categories are:

  • International, national and regional organisations that pursue the same aims as IFHOH and do not belong to an umbrella organisation affiliated to IFHOH.
  • Individual Members and contact persons from countries where no IFHOH members exist.
  • Sponsoring Members who may be individuals or bodies interested in supporting IFHOH and its aims through significant contributions.

Head Office
Box 6605
S - 113 84 Stockholm

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