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Read about the World Hearing Day and the World Report on Hearing, The IFHOH educational project, The CI day, IFHOH webinars, and much more...

IFHOH president message for World Hearing Day 2021

WHD-WRH Communication Toolkit
World Hearing Day (WHD) 2021 will be on March 3rd, 2021.  The World Report on Hearing (WRH) will be published on this day.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a communication toolkit for the dissemination of the WRH.
Download the WHD-WRH toolkit
IFHOH 2nd CI webinar - 2 Feb 2021
Cochlear Implant (CI) Experiences and Best Practice Tips for anyone who wants to know more about them.  Several experts will explain the important things to know and answer your questions.
Download details and registration link
IFHOH Inclusive Education Projects in
Uganda and Nepal
Here is IFHOH summary paper about these inclusive education projects
Download IFHOH education projects paper
Regional Newsletters
Congratulations to our friends in IFHOH regions for new newsletters:
EFHOH newsletter Dec 2020
APFHD newsletter Jan 2020
EFHOH is the Europe region of IFHOH.
APFHD is the Asia Pacific region of IFHOH.
IFHOH-WFD-IFHOHYP-WFDYS Statement 31-Aug-2020
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Statement on Accessible Communication for
Deaf and Hard of Hearing People during COVID-19 Pandemic.
IFHOH and WFD joint statement:
ASR is not ready for TRS and Captions
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ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) is a promising AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, but it is not yet ready for TRS (Telephone Relay System) service and for Captioning service.
Hearing Loops and Telecoils: When will they become obsolete?
IHAC Overview , Download Statement ).
International Hearing Access Committee (IHAC), had published its first statement.  According to this statement, Hearing Loops and Telecoils should not be replaced by new technologies, before these new technologies are fully matured and carefully examined by end users.
"Future-Loops" 2017
( Signed and Scanned , Accessible )
Initiated by IFHOH and hosted by DSB, the 4th International Accessibility Conference on Hearing Loops and Hearing Technology (Future Loops), was a great success. At the end of the conference, IFHOH, DSB and EFHOH signed a conference statement about accessibility for HOH persons in large venues (October 2017)
IFHOH Press Release May 30, 2017:  
WHO (World Health Organization) adopted an important resolution about hearing loss and hearing care.
IFHOH release before the WHO resolution.
The WHO resolution (it's the 5th one).
IFHOH release after the WHO resolution.

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