Hearing Check-Up

By Avi Blau and Others

This IFHOH paper is a guide for event organizers.  It explains what is a hearing loss,  What are the accessibility needs of Hard Of Hearing persons.  What are the possible assistive listening devices and systems,  How to properly select and implement one of this systems.  Among the amplification systems that are mentioned are Induction Loops, Infra Red, FM, Bluetooth and WIFI Systems.  The need for captions in parallel to the amplification, is mentioned too.


Editors: Bowen Tang, Ruth Warick and Carole Willans

The International Federation of Hard of Hearing People (IFHOH) has long been in support of cochlear implants, having developed a policy paper in support of this technology in the mid-1990s. This new policy paper is a revision of the earlier
document, taking a consumer-based approach and a clear position about the continuing support for CI.


Authors: Lidia Best, Bowen Tang, Ruth Warick, Carole Willans

The first ever WHO World Report on Hearing, is a seminal report on hearing healthcare which discusses barriers and solutions to improving the quality of life of persons with hearing loss. IFHOH, with EFHOH and IFHOHYP, have produced a summary of key issues arising out of the World Report. The document uses the framework of H.E.A.R.I.N.G. from the World Report to identify key messages; this summary document is intended as a tool for your advocacy work.