IFHOH 2nd CI webinar - 2 Feb 2021
Cochlear Implant (CI) Experiences and Best Practice Tips for anyone who wants to know more about them.  Several experts will explain the important things to know and answer your questions.
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IFHOH CI Webinar
Cochlear Implants: Increasing Awareness and Access
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This webinar include up to date information about CI from several experts.


COVID-19 and Persons with Hearing Loss

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LTA Online event on 6-Nov-2020
LiveTextAccess (LTA) interesting online event:  Accessibility as a human right
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CAPAC and ICIAA meeting - 17-Dec-2019
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IFHOH is part of the International Cochlear Implants Advocacy Alliance that had a meeting in Geneva and created the Consumer and Professional Advocacy Committee (CAPAC).


3 pictures from te Netherlands: Yellow cheese, River with boat, Send way
IFHOHYP (International Federation of Hard Of Hearing Young People) is having its Summer Camp at the end of July in the Netherlands
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UN CRPD committee nominations ( Details in English , Spanish ).  
IFHOH actively promotes the human rights of all persons with disabilities, including people who are hard of hearing, as defined and applied globally through the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
We urge you, as an IFHOH member organisation, to read and consider how you can support the nomination of someone from your country to the UN CRPD Committee. For further information please email (Oct. 2017)
The Coalition on Hearing Loss and Disability Manifesto Launch
(EFHOH, which is an independent region of IFHOH, is part of this coalition)
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IFHOH Washington Declaration 2016
New Technologies for Hard of Hearing People
IFHOH CRPD Toolkit was published.
This is a guide for hard of hearing persons, how to implement the UN CRPD in their country

IFHOH Congress 2016 - July 23-25, 2016, Washington DC, USA

Hearing Loss Association of America Hosts the IFHOH Congress 2016, in conjunction with the
HLAA Convention 2016, in the Washington Hilton Hotel, USA - 
Convention / Congress  site

Finland finally ratifies the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
and its Optional Protocol - May 12, 2016

Finland joined 26 European states and 164 states all over the world.  
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